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In Newark call (740) 349-7558 or in Zanesville call (740) 450-5437.

  • "I walked into Pregnancy Newark not knowing what to do, where to go or how to be a parent. They welcomed me with open arms and told me that I had come to the right place. The Client Advocate and Nurse said that they wanted to be there for me every step of the way and they were! From an Ultrasound where I saw my baby’s tiny heartbeat to Parenting Classes they made sure I was prepared. They even gave me a gift when my baby was born."

    Hailey 19
  • "This clinic has helped us a lot. At first, I didn’t want to come because I wasn’t sure what this clinic did and really wasn’t sure that they would keep this all a secret from our parents, since we were both still young. But finally after many questions to whether my girl was pregnant, we came into the clinic. We talked to the people and they were real nice to us. They told us she was pregnant to come back the next week and they would show us a sonogram. Ever since then, we’ve been coming back weekly, talking with the nice ladies here, watching videos of how to care for our child. Over all this place has really helped a lot and I thank all the ladies for their help."

  • "If I didn’t have this clinic, I wouldn’t be here today to celebrate the first year of my baby boy’s life. Today I am 20 months sober and I am being the best mom I could ever be. I am on track. My advocate here never felt like a stranger but as if in that part of my life, she belonged there."


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